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Charming 26 Sqm Apartment in Sweden Offering the Best of Two Eras

design small apartment Charming 26 Sqm Apartment in Sweden Offering the Best of Two Eras
This small 26 square meter apartment located in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers the best of two eras: original parquet, solid ceilings and built-in wardrobe reminding of the 40s and hyper-modern kitchen and appliances purchased recently by the current owners. Initially discovered on Alvhem, the tiny crib offers a great standard of living, despite its size. Divided into kitchen area with a charming dining spot, living room with large windows and a lovely balcony, the apartment is perfect for one person, but can very well accommodate a couple also. Continue reading “Charming 26 Sqm Apartment in Sweden Offering the Best of Two Eras”

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Room Dividers & Partitions

Whether you have an open floorplan or just want to create more private, cozy spaces in your home the right room divider can make all the difference. The photos in this post go well beyond a folding screen and instead use everything from shrubbery to curtains to nautical rope to create beautiful, unique spaces.

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Classy Living Rooms

contemporar living room plants 665x443 Classy Living Rooms

Today we would like to feature classy living room concepts from two designers. One is from Polish based design group Meedo and the other from Russian based designer Andrey Zyomko. Though they seem to utilize two completely different form of visualizations you will notice that they have a few things in common. Both of them lay generous emphasis on pictures, wall art and fancy lighting. Also some good ideas for short space living rooms ar thrown in between. Take a look. Continue reading “Classy Living Rooms”