n.o.t. another iTunes..

you have an iPod? want to sync with latest MP3 music collection.. then iTunes is the one you need. no ones denying that Apple make a greatest things in audio world with those iPod, the design, simplicity and brand awareness are key points. they (apple) sell their products with all things that i’ve said, but, they missed one thing.. feature!

so.. what a feature that iPod or many apple products can’t offer to their brand-storming minded customer? okay, let me name it.. feature of compatibility (drag n drop?), feature of mp3 player (legally must be downloaded and buy within iTunes) and also, the most important things, the sync software it self, iTunes, what kind of features that iTunes offer you? only play MP3? Quicktime format? with a huge memory consume? auto update that waste your bandwidth? then, you can name it as much as you want (for your pref.) :D

so.. does the apple things bad? nope. and what i wrote here is just about another iTunes. have you heard about songbird? if not, then move your finger to google, then search for songbird! its an mp3 player on your computer, its also a mp3 sync for your iPod or another iPod-like player. it offer you much and much than ‘traditional’ iTunes. See those images below, then you should understand.

scroll tab browser

songbird library, play mp3 and browse related photo

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