Best Web Hosting.. wordpress hosting terbaik

Hundred of web hosting in the world claims as the best one. In Indonesia, this kind of best web hosting or Indonesian called it Web Hosting Terbaik. With the vast growth and popular CMS, people are now seeking for hosting with technical support 24/7, good server response time and fair amount of international bandwidth. Choosing one of them can be a chore, many internet content services work fine with a high, and good support both on technical and non technical basis.

Best foreign list (outside indonesia):

  1. Host 6 Domains on 1 Account
    BlueHost is the best with auto update and simple installation with many CMS, especially WordPress. updates are available within 24 hours. they offer unlimited storage, unlimited monthly data transfer, host unlimited domains in 1 account, 1 free domain name as long as you host with BlueHost, hundred of POP/webmail addresses, 50 mysql databases, free control panel, free fantastico, free simple scripts, 24/7 network monitoring, 99 uptime guarantee, mirrored storage backup, no hidden fees, and has voted for the best support in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008!
  2. MediaTemple claim as Hosting that’s ready for traffic spikes. They do managed clustered hosting platform, ideal for anyone seeking a high available and reliable in spike traffic!



Best Indonesia hosting providers:

  1. is a true web hosting terbaik, in terms of really fast activation(required no payment confirmation), supportive online support both on technical and non technical basis. They’re ready for 24/7 website monitoring, 24/7 technical support, they offer real SSD, fast load time, good international bandwidth, wordpress auto-install, cPanel, Softaculous, and latest PHP7 and MySQL.
  2. is one of the best Indonesia hosting provider, good international access, good spam filter, unlimited monthly transfer, and CMS ready. Although their servers is not the best option regarding page load time, they support staff is ready for 24/7 and they do maintain their own datacenter.


What about the rest? like niagahoster, ardetamedia, qwords, beon? are they worth it? Some people says that they are pretty good, but honestly, you can do benchmark, and you really should. Let say for their page load time, their unlimited bandwidth, is it still make sense to sell unlimited bandwidth to shared hosting and claim their servers response is fast? Just do the math.

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