Greenpeace Activist Arrested for Exposing The Truth!

Lagi.. masih mengenai masalah penangkapan aktifis Greenpeace di Jepang, kok Greenpaece lagi?? lha iya, dari pada memperkeruh suasana dengan menuliskan seputar pristiwa monas yang gak berimbang..

Dear Friends,

Thanks for taking action to free Junichi and Toru, the pro-whale activists who have been arrested in Japan for exposing the truth about corruption in the taxpayer-funding whaling programme.
You generated 50,000 responses within 36 hours.

Junichi and Toru appeared in court this morning. They’re holding up well, despite being called villains in much of the press. The judge ordered them held for another ten days without charges. We’re appealing that tomorrow morning, and our lawyer has told us that your letters are a big help in making the case for letting them go.

You’ve written already to the Japanese Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. We’re asking you now to do something more:

* Send this message to five friends
* Post a link to the action in your Skype or instant messenger:
* Post a link in your MySpace or Facebook account, at your blog or website: ask your friends to do the same.
* Create a YouTube video or come up with your own way to get more people joining the call to FREE THE TOKYO TWO

Every message that we send in the next 12 hours will be counted and presented to the judge with our appeal. Please help in any way you can!

The Greenpeace whale team

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