Daftar Free Webhosting

buat anda yang mau hosting gratisan, saya punya daftar free webhosting alias web gratis atau gratis webhosting atau what everlah namanya ūüėÄ

silakan buka halaman website saya di

8 thoughts on “Daftar Free Webhosting

  1. This webhost, does not offer huge webspace / bandwidth but it does offer suitable resources, 250MB webspace, 6GIG monthly transfer, FTP account, 5 addon domains, 2 subdomains, and many more….

    Bonus:, this site has an autoinstaller with over many scripts, also Online protection, an easy way to protect your files!!


  2. ini juga termasuk free hosting Pak, kalau ada yg minat boleh dicoba :
    Gratis web hosting dg fitur :
    Instant activation
    No banner/ads
    250 MB disk space
    Vista Panel
    Web mail
    6 GB Monthly transfer
    PHP Flags manager
    POP email accounts
    3 MySQL databases
    Automatic installer/Fantastico
    Password protected folders
    5 Add-on domains
    FTP account
    Php MyAdmin
    5 Sub domains
    File manager (browser upload)
    Clustered servers

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