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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! and you’ve been warned!!

What a perfect shit!, running the worst performance linux ever, and wrecked my windows system in a same time. I’ve couples of work that needed to be done right as soon as possible, but with this condition, what should i’ve done to make it right??

back to the stone age, put off my windows 2003 installation(i’ve the legal one), and spin off it to delete all of old system.., check dependencies, check whole base system and apps(if it okay, then it not so bad), but if it getting worse, that the worst!

pull it up and replace with Zenwalk(ahh finally) 4.6 , i’ve untold chamistry with slackware, i dunno, but i think slackware is the most friendly linux distro for me, you can select what ever you want, that makes your system more dependable(customise is OK), you can have a lot of application with painless to install, and, so easy to manage your system to work at your own taste!!

the point is.. if you’ve a great system(you’d love it much) don’t ever try to think to make over your system, however, tune-up still fine, but not to screwd up the old things, you know that, and some body tells me “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! and you’ve been warned!!”


3 thoughts on “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! and you’ve been warned!!

  1. yeah… kernel is always work in misterius way, some people like, some people not.. and the last, maybe you.. 😀


  2. Welcome to the hell of linux 🙂
    Long time ago I’ve already put up with RPM system and switch to Slack. The reason : fuck-up dependencies checking. How can u find the required file(s) ? It don’t say which package(s) that I should install, most often the filename and the package(s) name didn’t indicate any relation at all 😦
    Well, to solve that I should make a small script to list ALL the files if FULL installation is on the system 😦
    On Slack, that already done. You got MANIFEST file which list ALL the files grouped by package name.
    Another reason ? You could ask me by mail 🙂

  3. Yeah, I agree with you have mentioned above,but have u ever tried a one of debian derivated distro(s)?. The best one is ubuntu, at the moment ubuntu still get the number positions at I thought the one reason why i could’nt switch into another distro is the power of apt-get tool,dpkg.Since long time ago, Debian users claim thier apt-get tool much better instead RPM,i really agree with this one reason. It can descrease my time, while i got some problem regarding dependencies checking issue.
    Yeah the conclusion is the power of a system depends on the man behind the gun. So don’t ever claims your choice is the best instead other.

    Hi riesal, it seems since a long time ago, you are FreeBSD fans,what’s wrong with you ??or you have feel the power of Linux…:)

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